Retired Director of Technology and Father of 4.

The Superbowl of Impeachment

We as a nation had the opportunity to watch the NFL Superbowl last night. It was exciting and proved once again that excellence and preparation has its rewards. …

Last night Brian Sicknick was honored by laying in state in the Capitol Rotunda. Many you have already forgotten the insurrection, been convinced it was just a picnic or just don’t want to believe that the Then President planned and led the insurrection. But, in stark relief here lays the body of a murdered policeman. He was not killed by Antifa, the Clintons, Jewish Lasers or blood sucking Dems. NO he was murdered by our then President and his minions as they tried to overthrow our government. You say I did not know this. Of course, you don’t. You were watching FOX last night and at the same time this service was playing on every other channel what was FOX telling you? That a female fan was having an altercation with Lebron at a NBA game. Republicans used to be for law and order. If you are not a Republican what and who are you?

“Religion is at its best when it makes us ask hard questions of ourselves. It is at its worst when it deludes us into thinking we have all the answers for everyone else.”






OK now. We have just been through 4 years of lies by the Republicans. Covid is a democratic hoax. A stolen election. Democrats eating babies. This is the best economy and jobs market ever. And on and on. Guess what, it did not work.

So where do they go from…

FOLLOW THE MONEY. I say that and some of Trump’s simple minded supporters get all upset. But now that proven guide is found to be right on. New reports are showing Trump’s campaign was sending money to outside groups for months to rile up the public and prep for the…

Alan Marder

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