FOLLOW THE MONEY. I say that and some of Trump’s simple minded supporters get all upset. But now that proven guide is found to be right on. New reports are showing Trump’s campaign was sending money to outside groups for months to rile up the public and prep for the insurrection. Plans within plans. And while all that was going on good ol’ boy Trump set up “Save America”. Save the Steal and other outlandish accelerants were used to stoke the fire of hate and rebellion. We all heard him say I will march with you to the Capitol. But where did we see him and his family and other conspirators? In a secure room watching the rebellion on multiple TVs while they laughed, drank and danced to the insurrection. But Wait, that is not all. “Save America” with absolutely no guard rails was raising over $200,000,000 from the simple minded. No wonder he was laughing and yucking it up. He is going to leave office with $200,000,000 of their money and slink off to Mar A Lago. Scott free, thanks to the Republicans.

And yet, we the tax payers are also getting bilked. All these soldiers, police and fences are being deployed. Who pays for that? Yep, you and me the taxpayers. And he gets to use this whole staged TV show to build a gold chest of $200,000,000. Plus what about all the other organizations that used their money to support this whole effort. So please, I am listening to all this banter on TV but we have forgot the main issue. FOLLOW THE MONEY. As a taxpayer I am demanding that all these organizations be found and charged with at least fraud and sponsoring insurrection. Then the DOJ should freeze all their accounts and monies and then seize it to pay for the costs. Take their money first and then treat them as RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act). Let them sue us later after all their money is seized.

Retired Director of Technology and Father of 4.